Make Fire Pit for your Garden for few money


Make Fire Pit for your Garden for few money.

If you like the idea of a square fire pit, which can look more modern than the traditional round shape, this is a great tutorial for you! This modern outdoor fire pit made from concrete can be constructed over one weekend. The design and building of this fire pit will require some work. However, the instructions are quite simple if you follow along carefully.

It will not only look great but it will keep your guests warm when outside in the cooler months. Backyard fire pits are a great way to make outdoor space intimate and inviting. They provide light when it’s dark, warmth for cool nights and a perfect ambiance for parties among family and friends. You can do it yourself and make a difference in your yard and lifestyle too. Buy all you need for the project, find the perfect spot for the fire pit and let’s start.

Make sure you have a solid foundation. Add base rock or sand to make area level.

garden fire

Nail together four 4-foot (130 cm) lengths of 2×12 fir boards to make a square.

fire pit

Repeat same steps for the inside frame, but make it 8 to 10 inches (25 cm) smaller. Stake in place, installing the stakes on the inside of the frame. Make sure the entire frame is level.

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garden fire pit

Drive 20 inch (50 cm) pieces of rebar into the corners of the square as well as along every foot inside the frame.

fire pit

Pour concrete inside the frame. Let dry overnight. Once the concrete is dry and set up, carefully strips the forms.


Add a thin layer of mortar along the outside of the frame to add a smooth finish.

fire fit

Add gravel about three quarters of the way full, so the top of the fire bowl will be flush with the top of the concrete frame.

fire pit

Add a large cobble, decorative rocks. By creating a square concrete frame and filling it with rocks, you can set the bowl in place and surround with decorative rocks, hiding the outside of the bowl completely.