Valentine card in the shape of a heart


Valentine card in the shape of a heart

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a greeting card. Make simple and fun Valentine cards in the shape of a heart. This project features quick and easy Valentine designs that are simple to make. If you’re looking to make a card, you’ve come to the right place. Buying a card and signing it is easy but not as meaningful as giving a handmade card. There are so many creative ways to make your very own personalized Valentine’s Day card. If you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day, check out my post.

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You’ll need two card blanks. Gather a variety of paper and cardstock that coordinate with the colors used in your card. The card face can be made using any technique you like.




Cut out a heart shape from cardstock. Use the hearts you just cut out to trace heart shapes on the paper you want to make your hearts out of. Then, cut out a heart shape. Cut a variety of hearts. The hearts can be different sizes, shapes or colors.



Place one paper heart, printed side out in your sewing machine. Stitch around the heart, using your machine’s biggest stitch.


Glue hearts. You can glue one simple heart in the center or you can glue many.


Add Your Personal Touches. Write messages on the cards. Decorate the backs of the cards. Use your imagination! That’s it! I hope these techniques help you create a very special Valentine’s Day card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!