How to decorate a small bathroom


How to decorate a small bathroom

When decorating a bathroom, it pays to plan because a bathroom not only needs to look great, but it also has to be extremely functional. Since this is a small room, the tile is better to choose a small size and bright colors: it will help to visually enlarge the space. Good in small bathrooms look fine glass mosaic. Softness, pattern, personality, style! How do you get that? With wallpaper, fabric,color, and gorgeous light fixtures.

Walls of tile! Yes, let’s go big here and clad the entire wall in tile. You will be amazed at the WOW it brings. Do you want some major colors? Two different paint colors or two different materials, of any kind work always great.



How to make a small bathroom look bigger

Your small bathroom can be designed to look and function just as well as the rest of your great house. There are a few tricks you can play within that space to make it look and feel bigger. And you can be more efficient with that space by turning low-functioning space into space that wisely uses every cubic inch.

Textured glass can make a space feel like it has an extra wall. You may be able to get light in and have some privacy, but it will be a visual barrier within the room.


Nothing makes a bathroom feel bigger than a mirror that reaches to the ceiling. It will double the light’s impact and make the space grow. One great idea is to place mirrors across from a window within the room. Doing so will make it visually seem like you have two windows in the same space! I’ve also used mirrors in a small bathroom, from side wall to side wall.


Natural light in a master bathroom is always desirable. After all, nothing beats the feeling of walking into a bathroom in the morning and glorious sunshine being there to welcome you!


Shampoo niches built for beauty and function. Many times these niches can bring some style, color, and texture to a surround of plain surfaces. Make these larger than necessary so they can become a focal point in your shower.


Make a sliding bathroom door: it saves a lot of space.


Glass – like a glass vanity or shower door – is great in small spaces because it allows the eye to see through it. Add a Frameless Glass Shower. It definitely cost more than any other type of glass shower, but if you’re desperate to feel more space, it’s worth it.

Too many design details in a small space will muddle the room. Think clean and simple. Small spaces work well with a neutral color palette, such as soft greens, grays, whites and tans. But don’t be afraid to go big with one feature element or pop of color. Every room needs a little drama. Small bathrooms need not be bland! Get creative with your bathroom design.

Sometimes, breaking small space design rules is what makes your bathroom unique … and amazing. So don’t be afraid to experiment. However, unless you have a bit of experience decorating or you naturally have “an eye for these things,” you may want to stick with the rules for major purchases and permanent fixtures like tile and tubs. Have more fun with things like the paint color and accent decor, which can be easily replaced if it doesn’t work.