Homemade silicone mold tutorial


Homemade Silicone Mold Tutorial

This simple way of silicone mold-making will have you wanting to make casts of all your trinkets and toys. All you need are a few items that you can find in any home repair store. The mold is also oven-safe. You can use it with polymer clay, and bake the clay at around 120C while it’s still in the mold. It will work for school and holiday projects or just as a rainy day craft project. This simple and quick recipe will only take you about 15 minutes to mix. By creating homemade molds, you can inexpensively reproduce small household objects. They can be reused many times, allowing you to produce many copies your artwork or favorite decorations. 

– Regular corn starch
– Vaseline or any oil to protect your skin.
– Something to cast or mold
– Bowl or bucket that isn’t used for food (because you’re not going to want to eat of it again!)
– Mixing sticks
– Silicone gun GE 1 – silicone for kitchen/bath/plumbing (you need to use regular silicone that smells like acid.) The best place to get right silicone is at the cheapest stores. (Do not buy quick set silicone, you need 100% silicone)

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It is important to realize that caulking comes in 31+ flavors and it is important to select the correct stuff if you want to use it for making molds. Better to use 100% clear silicone rubber sealant. It is available at most any building supply store, farm supply store, Wall-Mart and any other store that has a ‘Hardware’ section in it. Many will argue that Silicone is not the best material to make molds with. And I agree! But for the cost it is worth considering and using.


Cut the end off the silicone and without using the nozzle squeeze it all out using the calking gun. If you’re making a small mould you can just use a little and save the rest for another time.Mix your corn starch and silicone. (1:1 silicone and cornstarch)



Work the silicone until it is not sticky.

Select some items of which to make molds. Cover model with oil or glycerin. The best parting agent for this method is glycerin, although spray on oil will also work. Press your object into the silicone to create the mold. You cannot go much thicker than .25 inches or 0.5 cm. Leave the object in your resin until the mold is firm. This doesn’t take very long, 2-3 hour.


Carefully peel the object out of the mold and the mold out of the container (so you can use it again!)