Choosing the right blanket for your horse


Choosing the right blanket for your horse

Whether you want a cooler, fly sheet or warm winter rug, you’ll need to measure your horse for the correct size. An ill-fitting blanket can be uncomfortable and even hazardous for your horse to wear. So you’ll want to get one that fits just right. Just like clothing and shoe sizes, blanket sizes tend to vary slightly. Here is the basic way that you can measure your horse for a blanket so you’ll be able to choose a close size.

To measure your horse, start at the center of the chest (A in photos below). Then go around the widest point of the horse’s shoulder and follow parallel to the ground along the side of your horse to the point of their hind end where it meets the tail (B in photos below). (Measure point A to point B). If you’re in-between, go to the bigger size.


Blankets either run in 2″ increments (American sizing: 66″, 68″, 70″, etc) or 3″ increments (European sizing: 66″, 69″, 72″, etc).

Horse Height Blanket Size
Blanket Size (European)
11.2 h 54″ 4’6″/137 cm
11.2 – 12.2 h 57″ 4’9″/145 cm
12.2 – 13.2 h 60″ 5’0″/152 cm
13.2 – 14.0 h 63″ 5’3″/160 cm
14.0 – 14.2 h 66″ 5’6″/168 cm
14.2 – 15.2 h 69″ – 72″ 6’0″/183 cm – 6’3″/190 cm
16.0 – 16.2 h 75″ – 78″ 6’3″/190 cm – 6’6″/198 cm
16.2 h 78″ – 81″ 6’6″/198 cm – 6’9″/206 cm
17.0 h 81″ – 84″ 6’9″/206 cm – 7’0″/213 cm
17.1 h 84″ 7’0″/213 cm
17.2 h 87″ 7’3″/220 cm


“The blanket looks like it fits, but I’m just not sure.”

Once the blanket is on your horse, check the length and the fit on the front.

Length – To check the length, stand behind the horse and gently bring the two ends toward one another against the horse’s rump. Try not to pull the blanket out of place as you are doing this. If the ends meet on the horse’s tail, the blanket is too large. If you cannot bring them together at all or if you can see more than 2-3 inches of the horse’s rump on either side of the tail, then the blanket is too small. The end of the blanket should stop just above where the tail starts.

Width – The best way to check the fit of the blanket is to watch your horse walk while wearing it. As your horse is moving forward, observe the shoulders. If the blanket fabric pulls tightly against the shoulder to the point of possibly impeding movement, then the blanket is too snug. If the blanket drops very low at the shoulder or chest, then the neck opening and/or the blanket is too large.

 “How do I clean my horse’s blanket?”

The best way to clean your horse’s blanket is to wash it with a mild detergent and then hang to dry.