Christmas tree made of newspaper tubes


Christmas tree made of newspaper tubes 

Woven paper craft is a nice way to recycle old newspaper and magazines, which can be turned into some useful household items, such as a storage basket. Here is a DIY tutorial on how to weave a nice Christmas tree with paper tubes made from old newspaper. It’s so easy to weave a Christmas tree using newspaper! It’s so simple to roll paper tubes out of newspaper. If you have never done basket weaving before, try starting out with this simple Christmas tree weaving project! Let’s try it!

Christmas, Trees & Lights


Old newspapers

Craft glue

Skewer or some other round & quite thin stick

Craft paint – optional

Transparent vanish

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First cut open newspaper half way across. Then roll each piece on the stick and glue the end, creating the tubes. Remove the stick and set aside. You will notice once you have made a few tubes that one end is ever so slightly narrower than the other. Don’t worry about this. Do the same with all of your pieces, you will need around 30 tubes.


Take an even number of paper tubes and lattice them together.


Lift up the tubes. Use clothespins to fix the end of the tubes.


Take one of the outer tubes and weave it over the tube next to it. Use glue to secure the ends.  Continue to weave under and over, adding paper tubes as you go.


Tuck the ends that are sticking up either down the outside or inside, and trim if needed. Use spray paint to decorate as desired! Leave to dry.

Once completely dry cover it with transparent vanish on one side, let it dry and then on the other side.


There is something so satisfying about taking a simple material and turning it into a functional item using just your hands.