Wedding Pillow for Rings DIY


pillow for rings

Wedding Pillow for Rings DIY

There is a soft pillow of green moss. On your wedding day, your rings will be surrounded by the beauty of vegan pearls, rustic twigs and moss before being slipped onto your fingers! Please note that due to the natural origin of the moss and nest (vines) slight differences from the one featured in the pictures can exist.
Thanks to Mother Nature and the variety of supplies she has to offer, your basketry will have a character all its own. You won’t need fancy dyes to color the twigs you collect, since their bark will already be painted in natural shades of green, grey, brown, and red . . . each hue adding a distinctive touch to the finished product.

Just about anything goes when it comes to your choice of materials . . . most young branches or twigs will do just fine. A lot of vines are also ideal, since their long and pliable stems can easily be woven into a strong basket. If you do choose to “go green”, you can whip up a container in almost no time at all . . . but beware! The branches will eventually dry and shrink, resulting in a looser weave.
The design of this product is the exclusive property of Wild Rose And Sparrow and it cost $25.


Today you can do your own – follow this tutorial.

nest1 nest2 nest3

You’ll start your basket by making a base.

For the base of your rustic willow (vines) basket, you’ll need 9 fairly thick willow (vines) rods. This is a good spot to use your branched rods, because you’ll only use about 12 inches of the bottom of the rod and set aside the remainder. If the rods are misshapen at the very end, clip this off so that you have a fairly smooth, slightly curved rod. Using a ruler, measure 12 inches from the base of the rod. Clip each of 9 rods using pruning shears, making a straight cut at the 12 inch mark. You’ll have 9– 12 inch sticks.

nest4 nest5 nest 6
Once you’ve measured and cut your 9 willow sticks, determine the back and the belly of the rod. You’ll want to orient the sticks so that the all the rods are facing with the belly down, and the back facing you, giving you a convex shape to the bottom of your basket. This will ensure that your basket lies evenly on the table.

The base is woven with a twining or pairing weave always using two weavers at the same time. One weaver goes in front, while the other weaver goes behind, with each weave. In the next step the weaver that is in front, goes behind the next rod, and the one behind comes in front. I bring the back weaver to the front, over top of the front weaver that is moving to the back, and pull the weaver downward to tighten up the weave. If you pull well down as you bring the back weaver to the front, after the first half of the stroke, your weaving will be tighter and more secure.

nest7 nest8 nest9

Put a circle of wet foam and on it a soft pillow of green moss.

nest10 nest11 nest 12

Now decore your basket with a pearl beads. And we are done!