Russian herring salad recipe

herring salad

Russian herring salad recipe

To prepare Russian herring salad, “Herring Under Coat”, you need to have whole salted herring. And of course you need to know how to fillet it.
The herring fillets from the shop are most probably prepared with oil or/and vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, onions and other tasty things, however all those tasty things change taste of herring. Which is somewhat important if you want to prepare tasty herring salad.

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How to fillet a Salted Herring

Take whole herring pickled in salt (you can get it from the local Russian shop). You will also need paper towels. So take salted herring and put in on the several layers of paper towels:

Cut the head off right below fins.


Cut the herring.


Clean inside using the knife.

Cut herring along the spine.

Carefully remove skin from both sides.
Cut the tail off and carefully detach herring fillet from the bones. Probably you will pull some bones with fillet, it is Ok, you can fix it later on.

And remove big bones from the prepared fillets by hands.

Now fillets of salted herring are ready for the further use.


Herring Under Fur Coat is a translation of Russian name of this salad: “Seledka pod Shuboj”, which represents salted herring under a “coat” of boiled vegetables. So, you will also need boiled vegetables (potatoes, carrots, eggs and beats). In the rest, this is 6-layers salad with mayonnaise.
This salad requires some time and agility to assemble it, also it needs at least 6 hours for layers to soak after it is assembled. So make sure you have enough time before you plan to serve it.
• 1 big or 2 small whole herrings (pickled with a salt)
• 1 big potato
• 3-4 middle size carrots
• 3 medium size beets
• 2 boiled eggs
• 1 acid apple
• Bunch of green onions
• Mayonnaise



Prepare ingredients: boil carrots, potatoes, eggs and beets for salad, let them cool till room temperature and skin.

Take big flat plate, grate boiled potato on big slots of grater and form round layer in the middle of the plate.
Dress layer of grated potato with mayonnaise.


Herring fillets ( pick bones if you see any) and layer it above potato.
Add chopped green onions as third layer, then eggs, apple and dress it with mayonnaise.

Cover whole thing with an even layer of boiled carrots grated on big slots, use your hands to form the shape.
Spread mayonnaise on the surface.

Cover whole thing with an even layer of boiled beets grated on big slots.
And again cover it with mayonnaise.
Let salad to rest at room temperature for 2 hours, after put it to the fridge. Prepare this salad in advance, it needs at least several hours of “rest” after assembled so layers can soak juices of each other and mayonnaise. Prepare this salad night before if you planning to serve it.

You can also replace the herring to salmon.