Robotics – Biro will save you 400$!

Robotics – Biro will save you 400$!


Biro Robot is an intelligent robot for the family. Biro is a real domestic consultant with infrared eyes. It is a new solution to help you save money and energy that comes from the new green technologies.  It’s a new product in robotics technology.
Biro is the confirmation that the technology in Italy is at high levels. The idea came from Marco Santarelli, expert analysis of the Networks and Network Director of the International Research Institute and R & D.
Robotics and digital tools are essential to achieve the goal of upgrading the energy efficiency. Biro Robot is able to do an energy analysis of the dwelling by monitoring all households, interacting with the owner of the house, reading the bills and evaluating the use of household appliances. Robot Biro will be able to evaluate the use household appliances, allowing you to reduce your electric bill family of more than 30% a year. To emphasize its vocation of Robot ‘handyman’, Biro will also have the service Google Maps and Street View feature. So if you pay 1200 dollars bills per year you could save 400.

Marco Santarelli:
“We are also working on a robot designed for industrial plants.”

Biro Robot was chosen by Rebuild 2015. The event organized by Habitech – Technological District Trentino – and Riva del Garda Fierecongressi. “Robotics and digital instruments are needed to radically improve the energy performance ” – says Thomas Miorin, director of Habitech and creator of the event. Biro is getting ready for the market with an official launch planned for Christmas 2015.

The novelty will be presented in Riva del Garda on 25 and 26 June 2015.