Lito Sora electric motorcycle

The Sora sports the world’s first electric motorcycle seat. Built from the ground-up as an electric superbike. Other features include an integrated GPS system and touch screen, high-quality suspension components.

An aluminum chassis, a CVT transmission that helps the Sora move from 0-60 in roughly four seconds on its way to a top speed of 193 km. The massive, central lithium polymer battery may lack the raw masculine appeal of a Harley, more look like you’re sitting astride R2-D2. Developed in canada over the past 3 years,this fully electric motorbike is now available to pre-order. Unfortunately, the Sora is still limited to 100 km on the highway. The Wattman charges in just 30 minutes, but has range of 180 km, while the Zero electric motorcycles have a quick charge unit and a new Z-Force Power Tank accessory providing range of 276 km in the city.





The design of the bike respect the environment without ever compromising style, speed or power. Because it’s electric, the SORA is quiet, clean and efficient.  A unique style of motorcycle that is part custom, part sport-bike — combined in one super-machine. It can be charged at home or at a level 2 charging station for long-lasting performance.
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