Expo 2015 Milan


Expo 2015 Milan

The biggest event ever organized.

Expo 2015 Milan, dedicated to the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the largest event ever organized. The exhibition can accommodate 250 thousand people a day. Expo 2015 Milan offers an opportunity to know and taste the best dishes in the world and discover the excellence of traditional food and cuisine of each country. On the official website of the event, www.expo2015.org, you will find all the necessary information about the event.

Ticket open date – 29 € for an adult.

– 23 euro for a student.

– 13 euro for a child. Children up to 3 years of age go free.

From 19 in the evening, every day the ticket costs just 5 euro.


Tree of Life.

Expo 2015 Milan become a symbol memorable event, able to blend emotion, charm, tradition and “savoir faire” Italic, the idea which is the basis of the Tree of Life. The tree, consisting of a mixture of wood and steel, is located in the center of Lake Arena, the stretch of water overlooked by the steps that make up the largest open area of ​​Expo.

A grandiose building in between monument, sculpture, installation, building, and work of art in addition to Renaissance symbolism refers to more complex and common in many cultures, where the Tree of Life is a symbol of the Primordial Nature, the great strength from which It gave birth to the whole. Concept and design are of Gioforma-Milan. But the Tree of Life is not only tradition and religious symbolism: it is also a real boost to the future, innovation and technology. The structure was created from the start as an icon interactive bound to capture the imagination of visitors and create a network of connections between the various pavilions of Expo 2015.


Where to eat in Expo 2015 Milan?

The Italian cuisine is the most present and is offered by 30 restaurants. Follow the Dutch (10 restaurants) and American (5 restaurants). As for the location, are 82 locals with outdoor seating. Other numbers? 15 places for an aperitif, 9 food without gluten, 24 vegan-friendly.

But let’s get to the best and worst restaurants of Expo 2015. According to reviews of Zomato foodie, one where you eat better is the restaurant chef Davide Oldani, next to the Pavilion Zero (great for both the beautiful presentation for the sake, they write Reviewers of the portal), while in the bottom of the ranking is the square of the Bar de Tapas Spanish pavilion (which propose overpriced in relation to the portions and quality of food).

The restaurant with the most reviews is the Israeli Pic Nic (many foodie enjoyed the ice cream and the hummus), while the restaurant of Qatar won the record for the most viewed menu.

Prices? To sit and enjoy the specialties of the various countries the average cost is calculated by Zomato of 33,50 EUR per couple.


Malaysia Pavilion



Russia Pavilion


UK Pavilion


USA Pavilion


China Pavilion