Best and Worst Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

Best and Worst Motorcycle Helmets.

Which brands are the most protective by SHARP rating points:

Best helmets:

  1. Duchinni D832                 Full face   – 59.99 GBP
  2. MT Revenge                    Full face – 64.99 GBP
  3. Lazer LZ6                        Full face – 70.00 GBP
  4. Nitro Aikido                     Full face – 70.00 GBP
  5. Caberg Trip                     System – 90.00 GBP
  6. Caberg V2 407                Full face – 90.00 GBP
  7. Marushin 777 Samura    Full face – 99.00 GBP
  8. Marushin 777 Tiger        Full face – 99.00 GBP
  9. Caberg V2R                     Full face – 110.00 GBP
  10. Nitro N1700VF               Full face – 119.00 GBP


Worst helmets:

  1. Schuberth S1 Pro            Full face – 450.00 GBP
  2. Schuberth R1                   Full face – 320.00 GBP
  3. NZI Fibrub                      System – 256.80 GBP
  4. Arai Condor                     Full face – 240.00 GBP
  5. Dainese Airstream          Full face – 190.00 GBP
  6. Vemar VSREV                 Full face – 190.00 GBP
  7. KBC VR2R                        Full face – 180.00 GBP


There are 6 basic types of motorcycle helmets:

Doesn’t matter if you like high top speed or slow speed. Wearing a motorcycle helmet correctly can reduce the risk of death. That is where a motorcycle helmets guide can come in handy.

Full Face

This is the type of helmet that is used in professional racing. A full-face helmets dominate the data-set (86% of helmets tested by SHARP) as the most safest helmets.

full face

Modular (Flip-Up)

This type of helmet covers the chin and you can pivot the chin bar upwards or even remove it. A flip-front helmet offers less protection than a more rigid full-face.


Open Face (3/4 Helmet)

It protects the back of the head, ears, and your cheeks, but not the chin.

Open Face 3,4 Helmet

Half Helmet

This helmet can fly off your head pretty easy on impact.

Half Helmet


It has an elongated chin bar to protect face.


Novelty (beanies)

If you’re going for safety, this should be at the bottom of your list.


Motorcycle Helmet Designs are boring but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old designs you find in shops. Motorcycle helmet is a relatively inexpensive way to express your self.  If you’re looking for some new ideas for designing a motorcycle helmet take a look at these helmets!