How to Begin Running

Do you want to start running, but you’ve never done in your whole life? Start running is not easy if you do not follow the right steps.


You need to have a sneakers designed especially for running.

Before you start running you will need to warm up your muscles. Think of a workout plan: choose three days of the week when you want to run.


Finish the workout by at least 10 minutes of stretching.

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to recover lost fluids. The second week you will decrease the minute hike alternating 4-minute walk to 2 minutes of running. After another week you will be ready to get a 3-minute walk three running. Continue as long as able to run continuously for all 35 minutes of exercise.
At all stages the important thing is not the speed or intensity of the race: in this first phase you must first learn to breathe and to prolong the effort. What really matters is the continuity: do not stop at half the workout and never stop running, but decreased the intensity of the race.