Eggshell Mosaic


Eggshell Mosaic

Eggshell – one of the most affordable and simple materials for creativity. You can use it to decorate the interior of any home. This work will not leave anyone indifferent.


Wash the eggs with soap and water. Use the awl to peck at the end until a hole is formed. Turn the egg over and repeat the process on the other end of the egg. Bring the end with the smaller hole to your mouth, take a big breath and blow. Blow as many eggs as you need for your project.


Use the shell of raw eggs. Use liquid acrylic paints because they lie flat and dry quickly. The more shades of each color you make, the more picturesque get your mosaic.


You can find the picture in the Internet or you can create your own on a piece of paper. Generally you keep it relatively simple without a lot of detail. When you are ready to make your mosaic picture, lay your card stock on the work surface in front of you.


Use a q-tip or an old paint brush to spread glue on a small area of your design, then start sticking on your mosaic pieces. It might be helpful to use a pair of tweezers to pick up and position the egg shell pieces. Continue spreading glue and placing egg shell pieces until your picture is complete. Set it aside to dry, it might take up to 24 hours. The finished mosaic we have to varnish to prevent from dirt and dust.

For smaller children you might like to try a more abstract version of an eggshell picture