Brooch “snowy owl”



Brooch “snowy owl”

Buying brooches from the store can be very expensive. Cut down on the cost by making a brooch yourself. Here we want to show you how to create a stunning brooch.

We will need: Beads, Leather, Glue, Accessories and Thread.


1. First, we have to do a row around the bezel.  Stitch up through 30 of the beads. Pull the thread snug so that the beads form a ring.


2. And then we have to do another row with the same beads.


3. Sew it all to the base.


4. Now we need to sew a nose.


5. Sew beads around. Put a couple of stitches into the fabric to ensure the thread is secure.


6. Draw the belly onto front fabric.


7. Starting from a corner, sew the beads on; pick up 2 seed beads, pass the needle back through the fabric, pass needle back up through the first and second beads, and pass the needle through the second bead. Adding too many beads is much faster but if you add more than three beads the beads can come loose which is not good. Next, make a back stitch up through the last two beads in your row. This will hold the row securely to the fabric so it doesn’t wriggle around.


8. Trim the fabric neatly.


9. Make two holes in the leather and insert accessory. Cut the pieces out and connect them together.


10. Sew front and back sides together using beads, and you’re done!