how to get rid of infertility


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How to get rid of infertility

If you are trying to have a baby and it is not happening you may wonder if you have an infertility issue. The most common cause of female infertility is ovulation disorders. Problems with ovulation affect about 25% of all infertility situations. Menstrual cycles normally range from about 25 to 36 days. At least 20% of women, cycles are irregular. The menstrual cycle is regulated by the complex of hormones: luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and estrogen and progesterone. If you have hormone imbalance or are struggling to get pregnant Rhodiola quadrifida and Upland Uterus will help you to Balance Hormones Naturally.

Rhodiola quadrifida

This plant is absolutely doesn’t have any analogues in the whole world. In Altai folk medicine Rhodiola quadrifida rescued women from all diseases related to hormonal disorders, helps boost the immune system and get rid of infertility. Rhodiola is contraindicated while taking hormones and phytohormones (licorice, hop, clover). We recommend to use the Rhodiola quadrifida along with Upland Uterus. It restores the balance in hormonal disorders and helps to get rid of infertility.



Rhodiola quadrifida




Upland Uterus

Rhodiola quadrifida is rich in tannins, organic acids, volatile oils, proteins, oils, wax, manganese, zinc, chrome, cobalt, gum, silver and many other. It helps to reduce brain vessels spasms. Rhodiola Quadrifida due to its high bio-activity is an excellent support for men’s health!

Rhodiola is widely used in folk medicine for female diseases of different kinds (erosion, sterility, dysfunctional womb bleedings, endometriosis, myoma) as well as endocrine disturbance and thyroid gland diseases. Rhodiola quadrifida is especially valuable for potency weakening, menstrual cycle disorders, menopause, mastopathy and other hormone disorders. The herb is recommended by herbalists for oncological illnesses. But you should be very careful about it, if you have such problems as increased blood pressure and psychic excitement.


Rhodiola quadrifida is used as a decoction.

Decoction: 10 grams of Rhodiola, pour 500 ml of boiling water and tightly wrap for half an hour, strain and drink half a cup 2-3 times a day before meals, preferably in the same preset time. Do not take Rhodiola quadrifida during menstruation. Exceptions are long and heavy menstruation, when the effect of Rhodiola is quite acceptable.