Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


One of the main benefits of going green and purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle is that these cars help the environment in so many ways. In addition to reducing our dependence on fuel, these vehicles also help decrease pollution levels everywhere.

Another benefit is that these cars help people save money on fuel. Whether you purchase an electric or hybrid car, these vehicles help people save a significant amount of money on fuel each year.

People who purchase either an electric or hybrid car will also save money on car insurance. Insurance companies always extend additional savings because owners of hybrids and electric cars are considered a better risk than owners of traditional cars.

One of the major drawbacks of owning an electric or hybrid car is that these cars can only be operated for very short distances before their battery needs to be recharged. But when was that? Progress does not stand still.


New eco-model BMW i5. With a fully charged battery electric car can travel up to 400 kilometers. The all-electric version will get 225-hp engine and a set of batteries with a capacity of 75 kilowatt-hours. Production is expected to start in the mid-2015.

It is clear that there are some major advantages and disadvantages of owning hybrid and electric cars. If these cars help people to save money and help the environment, the pros of owning a hybrid or electric car will outweigh.