Hair Extensions


Hair Extensions

They have to blend well with your real hair strands and make you look better as a result. If the hair extensions available to you are still one to two shades lighter, they can be dyed one to two shades darker.

Clip in’s look like normal hair, but sometimes they look rubbish. Better to buy the real hair ones as synthetic ones don’t straighten and go matted. The clip in’s match the color to the bottom of your hair.
Flip in hair. Surprisingly, not many people have heard of these and i’m not sure why as it’s revolutionary, especially because it doesn’t damage your hair at all.

Cold Fusion extensions. Whilst been permanent, unbelievably, they don’t use any glue or any heat. They are completely damage free and they perfectly mixed the colors.

When choosing the best hair extensions, you should check whether it is made from natural human hair or synthetic. Not only will human hair last longer, it will look like your real hair and can be treated like one. With synthetic hair you cannot use any heat (such as blow-dryer or irons) or swim with them in. It’s important to get good quality hair that you can wear and wash when needed. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best online shops for extensions.

Hair Extension Buy literally has any and everything you’re looking for—from human to synthetic, clip-ins and wefts, pieces and ponytails. The list goes on. They also carry a number of brands. It’s a global brand more than 10 years. They offer you premium service quality, the assistance of 24/7 global online client service and free phone call.

Lace Wigs Buy is one of the oldest wig stores. You can expect to buy wigs and hair extension with great selection and style. They always provide the best quality Wigs and hair extension at an affordable price.

Hair Extensions are Safe

Your natural hair will not be damaged as long as you properly maintain and care for it. Once you removed the hair extensions, it may take up to a week for your own hair density to feel normal again.

The Proper Care for Hair Extensions

There are many ways to take care of your hair extensions, and these are:

• Shampooing
It is advised that you shampoo them only when they start to look dull or smell bad. Shampooing them frequently will make them look duller.
While shampooing, take out any tangled strands gently using your fingers. Start untangling hair strands from the tips of the extensions and work your way up. If they are difficult to remove, apply conditioner on the extensions before trying to untangle them again.
Notes on shampooing
• Only use a high-quality mild shampoo and conditioner intended for dry and damaged hair. This keeps your extensions moist.
• Avoid washing extensions while they are attached
• Only use cool water to wet the extensions gradually.
• Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, or twisting the strands of your hair extensions. Instead, stroke them downward from weft to base.
• Hair extensions do not get oils like natural hair does, so make sure to pamper them with oil after washing.
• To dry the extensions, lay them down on a very clean towel. Do not blow-dry them.
• Brushing
Comb the hair extensions properly using a loop brush or a wide-toothed comb. Both are great for extensions as they do not pull on the strands hard, but instead, just glide smoothly through them. Don’t forget to remove any tangled strands before brushing.